Homeopathy is one of the most amazing wonders of this world.  Knowing how homeopathy works and what remedies mean for your symptoms, will allow you to balance dis-ease, restore health and well-being on both physical and emotional levels.  Remedies are available for you and your family at most health food stores and online.

Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D., Doctor of Homeopathic Philosophy, will share pertinent online homeopathic information and personalized nutritional programs with you.

Enjoy interviews/conversations hosted by Dr. Caroline with a variety of guests who have ‘Passion to Create’ and by their innovations, allow others to release their own health potential.


Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D., Doctor of Homeopathic Philosophy for over 20 years, enjoys sharing pertinent online homeopathic information through online classes, mentorship and free audios. Caroline’s goal is empowering your personal health through knowledge.

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Gold-Star“I have been in the field of medical alternative practice for 30 years.  I have known Dr. Caroline for the last 10 years.  There are many times when I get advice from her on different challenges that I may come across with a client.  If you work with her, you can be sure that she will always get to the core cause of your challenge.”

Dr. Lynne Marie , PhD. UT

Gold-Star“I have known Dr. Caroline Walrad for nearly forty years. We eagerly attended classes in graduate school together, as well as sharing experiences in raising our families. Caroline’s willingness to seek knowledge and innovation and being the best she can be is what makes her a keen and astute practitioner.”

Elena Upton , PhD, CA

Gold-Star“Dr. Caroline Walrad is compassionate, caring, intelligent and professional.  I am impressed with Caroline’s vast knowledge of homeopathy and would recommend her to anyone.”

Bev C , AZ

Gold-Star“I was immediately impressed with Dr. Walrad’s gentle, open and caring nature in addition to her vast knowledge. I strongly believe Caroline Walrad, Ph.D. would be very successful in treating anyone who has suffered trauma of any kind.”

Linda M , AZ



Enjoy interviews/conversations hosted by Dr. Caroline with a variety of guests who have ‘Passion to Create’ and by their innovations, allow others to release their own health potential. Find more on our Conversations page.

Two Homeopathic Book Must Haves

When looking for the correct homeopathic remedy, there are two tools available that make the search easy: The Homeopathic Repertory and the Homeopathic Materia Medica. Enjoy a quick explanation of each in the audio and start using homeopathy with more confidence. Click Here To Listen


The Bully and Homeopathic Lycopodium

Enjoy a synopsis of the characteristics of someone needing the homeopathic, Lycopodium. When there is bullying behavior, there may be many remedies to choose from, but the gold star for top remedy of the Bully belongs to the remedy, Lycopodium. Join Homeopath, Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D. in a tour of tall and small. Click Here To Listen


The Bully and Homeopathic Lycopodium

Listen to the inside story of the unborn child from the homeopathic perspective. Click Here To Listen


Signs of Healing

Are you getting healthier or not? Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D., classical homeopath, speaks on Herrings Law of Cure. How do you know if your medication, supplementation or even homeopathic medicine is creating more health or creating more dis-ease of the body? Join Dr. Walrad in a 10 min chat on learning the rules of health. Click Here To Listen


Homeopathy and Dreams of Flying

Have you had dreams of flying? Even if you have not, dreams help a homeopath discover the best remedy for someone. You will truly enjoy hearing about two of the homeopathic remedies which make a balancing difference for health: Apis and Phosphorous. Caroline Star Walrad will keep you thinking about people you know who will benefit from her audio. Click Here To Listen


Alternative Agriculture, Physics and Metaphysics

Dr. Richard Alan Miller has and is creating volumes of books and written materials on alternative agriculture, physics and metaphysics. In this conversation with Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D., you will have to put on your thinking cap, sit back and take in all that Dr. Miller is sharing. Please go to and to order at least one of his books. You will want the library. Click Here To Listen