Healing the Core Issues

After a multiple car collision last year, I hurt. My back hurt. It was difficult to even turn in bed. I have had many chiropractic doctors work with me over the years. Each helped with the day to day stress. Yet, this time, the body really rebelled. After a couple of...

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There are many geniuses in the world. Just what is a Genius?  ‘jenyas/ noun plural noun: geniuses 1. exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. "she was a teacher of genius" synonyms:...

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By Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D. When I lived in the 60’s, the world was different. The early sixties found me wearing skirts and nylons (with the great invention of Egg panty hose) and heels, walking to class in the 1-2 foot snow drifts, earlier moved aside by large...

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