Some people are very sensitive. They can be physically, emotionally and/or mentally sensitive to people and environment. The Homeopathic Repertory is a book of symptoms and under each symptom is a list of remedies that may be perfect for the sensitive individual. A homeopath always makes sure there are more than three symptoms associated with a remedy before suggesting it for their client.

The symptoms listed in a Homeopathic Medical Repertory of feeling worse in a Full Moon houses quite a few remedies. Out of a total of 51 remedies, a number of them are used more frequently by people for other reasons: Argentum Nitricum, Arsenicum, Calcarea Carbonica, Luna (moonlight), Lycopodium, Phosphorous, Pulsatilla, and Silicae. If you have had relief from other symptoms from any of the above remedies, you may find relief again if you have Full Moon Moods.

The Repertory doesn’t stop there. There are remedy lists for symptoms at a decreasing moon, increasing moon, new moon and quarter moon. The main remedies for mental symptoms from moonlight are Antimonium Carb, Argentum Nitricum, Luna and Sulphur. I wonder what a werewolf would do if they had the right homeopathic remedy. Humm….Yes, homeopathy works with animals and plants.

It is always best to contact a Classical Homeopath before taking a homeopathic remedy if you have symptoms which persist and need attention. These symptoms can be emotional and/or physical. A Classical Homeopath is trained to consider ALL of your symptoms before suggesting a personalized remedy.

The above information was taken from: Homeopathic Medical Repertory by Robin Murphy, N.D., 1996.

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