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As a homeopath, I have seen the brilliance of using subtle energy to heal the body. There are many types of subtle energy methods and most of them are amazingly effective.

The entire field of Nano Technology and Quantum Field Mechanics is constantly developing and expanding.  Along with these developments are inventions for the public.  My desire is for you to observe and learn about these new healing technologies as they come to my attention. These are not medical devices. These are subtle energy field management programs and tools.

I believe subtle energy is the most effective way to heal our bodies and spirits. When the body heals, the spirit heals.  One’s health cannot evolve without the other in a true holistic world.

Best wishes,
Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D.


I have known Ryan Williams for many years and respect Ryan for so many reasons. As the inventor and producer of the INSIGHT GENIUS, he telephoned to tell me about his new health App for the phone or iPad. To understand my excitement is to know that for years I have imagined a hand-held quantum software that could be used daily by professionals for clients or by my clients for their families. Ryan Williams now created this very app.

The INSIGHT GENIUS is a revolutionary technology. Once you speak into your phone for 15 seconds, it analyzes your frequencies and then gives the balancing frequencies back through vibrational sounds. You will enjoy the captivating graphic movements on the screen. It only takes minutes for the new healing frequencies to balance you. INSIGHT GENIUS works on many areas of balancing. Acupuncture, spinal, homeopathic and emotional imbalance are only a few examples as there is so much more to THE INSIGHT GENIUS App. Please read about it in the LIBRARY section of my site and listen to Ryan as he explains the innovation of the App in the CONVERSATIONS section. A link is available there to his website. You can then download a free trial version right to your phone. It is easy.

Healing with personalized sound is the ultimate of daily ease and balancing.

VIBESUP – Earth Grounding – EMF- Vibrational Tools

VIBESUP – Earth Grounding – EMF- Vibrational Tools
When someone calls to inform me of a great new product, I don’t usually go for my credit card.My friend telephoned me with so much enthusiasm for a company called VIPES UP, I listened. They make special mats, to sleep on. Remarkably they are made of gems, oils, stones etc. and they allowed her to relax and sleep so much better. Personally I cannot get an oil or stone by itself to produce the calming effect alone, however, with her mixture of all of these element I was amazed at the effect it had on me. I cut one of the larger mats into sizes for my computer chairs. This seems to give me more longevity at the mandatory computer. One larger one went on my bed and I sleep a lot better. The most fun placement of the mat is under my plant rooting station. The leaves were struggling in the water until the smaller mat was placed under it. Now they are vibrant, getting bigger and greener, too.
Kaitlyn, the developer, knew that the vibrational healing tools for health are right in the earth. She seems to utilize this energy by the special combinations she creates to develop the substance of the mats. There is a wide range of products on her site. I ordered most of them. Kaitlyn Keyt’s article is in the LIBRARY section. You will find a link there to her website. Enjoy and get out your credit card!


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