Clinical Observations of Homeopathic Results

By Caroline S. Walrad, Ph.D.

Regressive autism occurs when a child appears to develop normally, but then, between the ages of 14 and 30 months, starts to abruptly lose speech and social skills. The child is then diagnosed with autism. In my office, I have seen many children on the ‘spectrum’ and most of them are within the Calcarea Carbonica family of homeopathic remedies. This means the children are challenged in utilizing calcium efficiently within their bodies.

N.B.S. Lozac

Characteristics of someone needing homeopathic Calcarea Carbonica:

The child is sweaty on the head, has sour smells to the body, has cold hands and feet and a very warm head. He takes off any hat you put on him. When in bed, he will have covers over him initially and will kick them off soon after going to sleep. They are soft and clammy to the touch, especially the hands. Calc Carb children like to put lots of indigestible items in his mouth such as rocks and dirt. He is not ahead of his peers in walking or talking. He is worried about his family members. Although he can be alone, he doesn’t like the parents to leave as he worries or fears something may happen to them. This fear is not due to feelings of abandonment. Usually bright, the Calc Carb child likes to do one thing at a time and finish it. He does not like to be interrupted. His response can be very stubborn. He is a loveable child, very independent and curious about his environment. He is generally pale faced. When he gets a fever, it is a high fever and it comes on quickly. He becomes very hot to the touch. His cheeks will be very red with one cheek being a bit redder than another. This is due to his inability to process calcium efficiently and fevers are associated with low calcium blood levels. This state of high fever and heated redness is now the Belladonna state.

There are many reasons why the lack of calcium regulation is related to autism. Dr. Lozac has compiled a tremendous amount of research on the effects of calcium dys-regulation and autistic tendencies.

I believe that a Calc Carb child will not tolerate the vaccination well, especially if the child is at all ill or stressed at the time of the vaccination There may be a multitude of factors that are part of the autistic child’s state. Because this child will have a large head, it is most common for this type to be C-sectioned babies.

Belladonna is the acute remedy of Calcarea Carbonica. For many reasons, including vaccination, when the Calc Carb child is stressed he then retains the feverish state of Belladonna.

If a child matches the characteristics listed below, the homeopathic remedy Belladonna will help him with these symptoms. After taking a homeopathic remedy, the body will balance and begin to recover naturally. The symptoms of a person must match most of the characteristics of the remedy for the remedy to begin this balancing reaction.

It is the Belladonna remedy state that most perfectly matches the state of the regressive autistic spectrum child on his first appointment with me. The remedy, Belladonna, is the ‘acute remedy’ of Calc Carb. The belladonna plant grows in calcareous soil. When it is made into a homeopathic remedy, like all remedies, it is diluted and energized multiple times to the point that there is only energy in the remedy and has no material dose. In homeopathy, the more something is ‘potentized’ by dilution and shaking (succession) the more potent it is and deeper it works.

The proving symptoms recorded for homeopathic Belladonna are:

Vermeulen, Frans (1994), Concordant Materia Medica, Merlijin Publishers, The Netherlands;, pg. 209,161

Throbbing (headaches, circulation)
Feels worse from sun and heat, especially around 3PM
Aggravated from noise, light, jarring (sensitive)
Better bending backwards
Desire to strike, bite, kick or pull hair (head against wall or bites self or others) and can come on without warning
One cheek redder than the other
Thermal heat: hot to touch and transfers heat to hand that touches it
Dry throat and nose; yet is thirst less except for ice cold water, yet dread of drinking
Feels better lying on stomach
Desire to climb, dance
Stares into space and tracts unseen objects
Likes to tear things to pieces
Sees ghosts and specters
Desires lemons or lemonade
Fear of dogs/wolves
Sensitive to odors
Screams out in sleep
Appears thirst less but responds to ice cold waters
Great sensitivity of smell, faintest odor, especially tobacco, is unbearable
Swallowing difficult and may have a loss of appetite
Aversion to meat and milk
Screams out in sleep

The most common symptoms to look for are: red cheeks with one perhaps redder than another, dilated pupils, hot to the touch, desires icy cold water, screaming out in the sleep, sudden reverses of temperament and increased sensitivity to light, sound and touch.

The goal of this article is to awaken those with autistic spectrum children to the availability of homeopathy to help their child. It is best to take their child to a qualified Classical Homeopath as I have found that high potencies, unavailable over the counter, will be required for deep balancing. If these symptoms do match your child, you have a great hope of change in these symptoms with homeopathic Belladonna.

Another goal is to educate those who are determined to vaccinate their children. If your child is a Calc Carb child and you find that after vaccination many of the above symptoms occur, you may decide to purchase the FDA approved Belladonna. If the symptoms match after vaccination, the remedy will possibly be effective in relieving the symptoms.

Please know that the remedy, Belladonna, is used for many reasons. The symptoms should apply for any headache or other group of complaints. If most of the symptoms match, homeopathic Belladonna should help release these very symptoms for anyone. Homeopathic Belladonna does not relate to the plant Belladonna. The plant is poisonous. Homeopathic Belladonna is not poisonous. Do not eat the real plant.

According to homeopathic principals, discontinue the remedy once the symptoms are gone.

Suggested reading: Callous Disregard, by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD.

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