Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D.

Caroline will work with you at any level of homeopathic and energetic understanding you need as your private mentor. Your education is individually arranged. 

Blending the Emotional and Spiritual with the Physical Symptoms

My doctorate in homeopathic philosophy included client intake, art of taking a case, art of observations, knowing what to look for from the client’s session, determining the underlying energy stagnation and fears, determining the degree of chronicity and knowing how to look at the next sessions’ results of my clients’ work. I have seen what creates a healing change, how to get to the core cause of illness and understand the time and modality it may take for true healing to occur.

The quantum bio-feedback system is an integral part of my client sessions. I have lectured in the US, Europe and Africa for them. What I have observed in the 25 years of watching the body’s degree of illness and how it shifts and changes in repair is an integral part of working with me. I will share all I know with you.

Whether you are a nurse, psychologist, homeopath or nutritionist, the healing of your client’s mind/body illness is a challenge each of you face. Requirements: physiology and anatomy and basic homeopathic experience.

  • Mentorship will be held over a form of skype or phone.
  • You and I will personalize your program in length and frequency.
  • The cost will be discussed together and determined by your goals for mentorship.
  • A mentorship class is available for those in one profession.
  • You will complete the questionnaire below and send it to my email. I will then reply by phone or email and discuss our potential work together.


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