By Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D.

As you truly heal without chemical interference, some amazing, almost God-like things start from within.

You change and adapt to your surroundings every day. All living things must change or they cannot live. This is one of the rules being alive – adaptation. I say, “Cheers” on this one. Enjoy your journey!

What makes your soul happy? A Classical Homeopath is trained in the mental and emotional fields for healing. I see where others thrive, and others do not. And, is your goal happiness? I have learned to just ask. What do you want for yourself? Where are you ‘stuck’ in the process of living? What blocks happiness, creativity, hope, adaptation! My job is to find the correct remedy and listen the reasons for coming to see me.

The question of what you want for yourself is developed from our society. You start with family upbringing and is there even someone home to support or really hear you? Do you have ‘home’ support for challenges of the outside world and how have you adapted to having or not having the ‘family’ to count on? Challenges of your physical environment count, too. When you are born you are gifted the challenging chemical world in an injection, so we are ‘safe’. Welcome to your first layer of society’s love.

I have learned from over a thousand clients in 20 years, it is not what happens to you, it is how you react to what happens to you. For example, an incest victim does her/his work on many levels to find joy in the world again. Some do not do their work and thus stay in THAT moment. It is how you react to the situation that leads me, as a homeopath, to the correct remedy for that person. The same is true for anyone in an accident or changes in aging from birth to death. I must still be in the present as a homeopath and look at the state of mind, spirit, surroundings for the outer layer of symptoms to be healed. I watch someone’s connection to something GREATER THAN ONESELF return in the true innate healing journey. Faith returns. Hope returns. Loving returns.

You find yourself. The original self. The one who looked at the world with awe and excitement for each new day. The almost innate human emotions return and are welcomed by you. I have watched so many go through transformations over a period of sessions. Even if the physical symptom, which brings you in to see me, and isn’t totally well immediately, the inner being is more hopeful, sleeps better, feels like communicating more effectively and enjoys another’s company, digestion returns to a better state of health (first physical to return) and two more important gifts of healing: appreciation for the present and one’s innate human intuition and insight.

Loving my work is a reward for me. When a client returns more hopeful and content without medication – this is my gift. I have watched over years of practice my clients as they heal: the emotional heart returns to the owner and the soul is again in charge. The I AM. I wish for you incredible blessings in Your Healing Journey.

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