Understanding the Power of ARNICA

Arnica Montana is a traumatic remedy par excellence. Injuries of all kinds – mental or physical- are helped with this homeopathic remedy. When bruising from a fall or hit, the small blood vessels relax and bleeding can occur. This microscopic bleeding can be stopped with Arnica. Muscles feel very sore, painful, bruised all over. I have heard that upon a stroke and on the way to the hospital, arnica has interceded with the stopping of bleeding, allowing very few negative results from the stroke.

Two personal stories come to mind. First, years ago my husband and I were away on business and I accidentally cut myself with a sharp instrument on my foot. The bleeding would not stop with direct pressure and thought of which homeopathic remedy I remembered to bring with me. Early on in my education my selection of remedies were few. Only Arnica was in my purse. Remembering it was for bruised and sore muscles and not thinking of bleeding, I took a few pellets just in case. The bleeding stopped within 10 seconds after putting it under my tongue and the bleeding never started again.

The second story is of my son. Playing ice and roller hockey in high school and my homeopathic interest went hand in hand. He always carried Arnica in his bag and took it before and after his game. As a mother, I am grateful for Arnica. With all of the head traumas occurring in even one game of hockey, these little pellets probably saved my son in many ways, as he grew older. In fact, he always had a great game and never felt sore afterwards. Unattended head injuries can lead to many problems later in life.

Homeopathic remedies work gently and quickly and safely. They may be purchased over the counter at most health food stores and natural food stores.

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