Heaven’s Bench

I have noticed in my practice that a person's faith has great influence on their health. When a person does have faith in a higher power, their trust and belief in a positive outcome is more apparent. When someone crosses over and comes back to talk about it, we must...

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Oh! Oh! Can O La!

Is Canola Oil safe to use? Read about the homeopathic proving of the oil. Definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rapeseed(Brassica napus), also known as rape oilseed, (and, in the case of one particular group of cultivars, canola), is a bright-yellow...

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Why the Body Craves Vitamin D

by Caroline Walrad, Ph.D. On the membrane of each cell in your body are entry ways called, receptor sites. Each cell has tens of thousands of these sites. They are like a lock and key, much like the children’s toy box of square pieces in square holes, triangles in...

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John Black, EMF Specialist

I've known John for over 20 years. He has always been interested in helping people obtain optimal health. It is because of John I have learned that we are definitely affected by cell phones, computers, iPads, cell phone towers, just to name a few. In the photo above,...

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Dr. Shon Goulding, DC

Allergy season is frustrating for many. It seems that over-the-counter drugs, and even prescription drugs are the only things that help. Enter Dr. Goulding, and NAET. Listen to our recent conversation where he talks about the power energy release.

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The Bully

Many parents have brought their children to me for homeopathic treatment. Many times it is their school teacher or administrator who brings attention to the parent about their child's behavior. The parents know that classical homeopathy will bring gentle renewal for...

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Healing the Core Issues

After a multiple car collision last year, I hurt. My back hurt. It was difficult to even turn in bed. I have had many chiropractic doctors work with me over the years. Each helped with the day to day stress. Yet, this time, the body really rebelled. After a couple of...

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By Caroline Star Walrad, Ph.D. When I lived in the 60’s, the world was different. The early sixties found me wearing skirts and nylons (with the great invention of Egg panty hose) and heels, walking to class in the 1-2 foot snow drifts, earlier moved aside by large...

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