By Caroline S. Walrad, Ph.D., CH

Love that chocolate? Chocolate evokes a sensual texture and taste. Yum. Do you have the ‘I need chocolate Now!’ symptom? Main remedies of the 52 listed in Robin Murphy’s Homeopathic Clinical Repertory for the symptom: chocolate, desires are: Argentum Nitricum and Phosphorous.

Craving Chocolate and needing the remedy are two different things. On page 71 of Louis Kiein’s (R.S. Hom.) CLINICAL FOCUS GUIDE to Homeopathic Remedies, he states about the proving of Chocolate:

‘Homeopathic Chocolate individuals do enjoy the notion of long sensual connections with others. In Chocolate, it is above all a romantic notion. It is the idea of wild sex and romance that turns them on even more than the actuality. Chocolate patients have a high sexual desire with an inability to make deep emotional connections. When they meet someone, even briefly, they immediately imagine what sex would be like with that person. They are intoxicated by the ideas of sex.’

(Whoa…is this what is behind Valentine’s Day and chocolate? Just kidding! Give me more chocolate. Eating chocolate does not make you a sex maniac as in the article proving. Sometimes chocolate can be a very special treat. Chocolate is a remedy proving only. One does not even have to like chocolate in order to find symptom relief from the Chocolate remedy.…CW)

It is important to know that a classically trained homeopath believes as Hahnemann, Father of Homeopathy does, in the Totality of Symptoms This means that most of someone’s symptoms match the proving symptoms of the remedy (Chocolate). Just one symptom, like sexual intoxication, is not enough reason to homeopathically suggest the remedy, Chocolate.

The mental, physical and emotional symptoms are part of the Totality of Symptoms. Let’s look at other characteristics of someone that could do well on homeopathic Chocolate: (pages 71-74)

  1. Looking for ways out of their relationships and feeling estranged from their family. (Lycopodium, Medorrhinum)
  2. Do not have a sense of consequence for their actions.
  3. Leaving a family for work environment without need, feeling their family restricts their freedom. (Lac Humanum and Sepia)
  4. Children are hyperactive and enjoy tormenting pets, siblings and parents. Adults torment others, too.
  5. ‘Animal Consciousness’: Chocolate proving individuals had delusion they felt like animals (hedgehog) or may worship animals, relating strongly to animals. Children pretending to be animals. Chocolate individuals can even like the spiky short hair on themselves like the hedgehog.
  6. External appearance is usually direct and brusque. Softness underneath.
  7. Dreams and delusions of animals and insects.
  8. Feeling they are cut off from others and may hold the belief that intoxication and sexual union is a higher spiritual pursuit.
  9. Feeling as if their life is moving too quickly and experience a loss of control.
  10. Mind is full of active thoughts and cannot express them all.
  11. Feeling as if cannot grasp thoughts and makes mistakes in writing and speaking.
  12. Fears dogs and animals (although relating to them.)
  13. Feeling isolated and forsaken with no truly intimate relationships.
  14. Fear or delusion that they are infertile.
  15. In-Vitro problems.
  16. Physical symptoms pertain to the genito-urinary area, colitis, sleeplessness.
  17. Wandering pains
  18. Migraine headaches.
  19. Food desires of red food, fruit juice, alcohol, wine, nuts, sauerkraut.
  20. Symptoms can appear post a dog-bite.

So, here’s to chocolate from a favorite store or a special gift from a friend! May it always taste SO special and may it fill your heart with joy.

As above, the homeopathic Chocolate individual may need to see a classical homeopath for relief.