There is always someone somewhere that may describe each of us as ‘difficult’. When a parent or loved one sees their child as ‘difficult’, it is frustrating as they do not know where to turn for help.  As a classical homeopath, I see children (and adults) whose parents have heard of the powers of homeopathy to balance behavior from another parent. A classical homeopath is trained to look at the child and observe his/her behavior in the office.  A health history of the family will also be included. Causes for difficult behaviors can be genetic, for which homeopathy may also be beneficial. In the office, after an interview, individualized homeopathic remedies are selected.

Homeopaths are not counselors. We know that homeopathic remedies reach all areas of the body and psyche. It is the little round white beads of a remedy that can be the energetic ‘matching computer chip’ which helps the child to align and find peace. The remedies taste good and the effects are gentle and balancing. The child calms, listens, begins a newer way of communicating their feelings and the physical ailments begin to balance towards health as well in relatively short time. Sleep becomes better, food choices begin to expand, and attention to their environment returns.

The Medical Organon, a homeopathic instruction book, tells us that we must find the ‘exciting cause’. The exciting cause can be allergies to food and/or other environmental reasons. After the correct homeopathic remedy, the child will be more balanced and it is easier for him/her to handle outside stress.

“Quotes” from parents that have found relief for their children with homeopathy: 

-Hank scares me physically

-He is fascinated with knives and fire

-The least little ‘no’ sets him off

-Fred is a serious biter

-He doesn’t like dogs and he screams the whole time he is being bathed

-She is very loud and sensitive to noise and wakes at three am

-He hates having his hair or nails cut

-She wants to be carried all the time

-I would call her a wild child

-She argues till she is exhausted

-Everything has to be perfect of she has a tantrum

-He stomps his feet, yells and slams doors

-If Hank were someone else’s kid, I would have gotten rid of him

-He hides in his room and cannot look anyone in the eye

-Day and night, even on the toilet, he needs someone there

-Bob will follow you around and scream. He is like that all of the time

-He dreams of monsters too many nights and wakes us up

-She is very jealous if I give attention to anyone else. She is violently in my face and pulls me away

-Amy had night terrors for a long time. She would scream and thrash in her sleep

-Outbursts fly out of her. She gets loud and wild

– He keeps saying, “I’ll chop you to pieces. I am gonna break your arms off

-Tony threatened to blow up or burn down the school

-He beats up his brother or sister

-He says he will get back at you and do something you will be sorry about

-She will not be wrong

-Tina makes animal-like sounds right in your face and hisses

-She used to bite other children to the point of drawing blood

-Christina spits in other people’s faces


If you feel you know an adult with any above, they, too may need homeopathy. The remedy is not selected due to age or gender, race or height. If the symptoms for a remedy fit the person, it will work for them. Classical Homeopaths are the only educated homeopaths to work with the over 3000 available remedies. They are trained as Hahnemannian Homeopaths and follow the rules of the Medical Organon.

Caroline S Walrad, PhD is not a medical doctor. Her PhD is in Homeopathic Philosophy. Caroline Walrad, PhD does not diagnose disease nor takes the place of your medical doctor. At no time does this web site suggest you remove yourself from your medical prescriptions. In case of an emergency, please call your emergency centers or AMA physician. Her only goal is for the individual to ask questions about health.