GEORGE VITHOULKAS, Professor of Homeopathy – one of the key homeopaths in our history. Please read his brilliant description of what a homeopath is trying to achieve:

His answer to skeptics: “I’m sorry because I’ve never seen anyone in their ranks who would be happy. For them, there is nothing but pure matter, without mind, without the soul, without ecstasy, only cold matter, which can be seen under the microscope. Has anyone seen the soul of a person leave the body at the time of death? None. But it is this instrument, the soul, through which one feels the joys of life, the bliss, the happiness that is the essence of life.

Skeptics will never feel the divine joy of a healer who has helped a chronic sufferer with the right remedy; their small, microscopic view will never reveal to them the secrets of life unless they open their eyes to understand that the cosmos is much more than they can understand. Use your logic to understand the limits of matter while ensuring that your soul perceives the infinite cosmos. Limit yourself to the logic, you will gain knowledge, but connect the logic with your soul, you will gain wisdom.”