Understanding Natural Healing is to understand The Onion Theory. Just like an onion, we need to peel away one layer of symptoms at a time. Picture in your mind a white or yellow onion. It has an outside flaky layer of ‘skin’. When it is cut, it has rings, much like a tree. Each onion layer is coated with its own membrane. The core of the onion is larger and usually more rounded. We want our health to be more solid like the core of the onion.

When we are in the womb, our core develops. As we have trauma from unresolved illness, grief or shock, a new onion layer of symptoms is added on. By the time we reach adulthood, our onion is much larger.

Babies usually have very few layers, depending on the health of the mother and if the birth is complicated or not. Vaccinations at birth immediately add a new layer to the small infant as they receive the same amount of inoculation (mercury, aluminum, etc.) as an adult dose, who is many times its size. This is why I believe the many of the difficulties children have today may be a direct result from inoculations that pregnant mothers and infants receive. I find children returning to vital health much faster than adults, as they have fewer layers to release.

We must allow the body to recover from its trauma, without artificial medications if possible.

This is done by: 1) forgiveness, 2) healthy living with food and environment and 3) energetic and natural therapies.

When a current layer of symptoms is given the energetic healing it matches, it will leave gently and effectively.

The next layer now the outer most layer. It will be that group of ‘onion cells’ of your previous symptoms and way of thinking. ‘Oh yes, I remember when I felt this pain in my knee, its back!’ However, you will be sleeping better and feeling more alert. Your health is returning!

The psyche will improve, too, as each layer is peeled back. The new symptoms of this new layer may leave quickly or may stay for a while. It depends on how fast the core cause of these previous symptoms is discovered.

To get back to your health layer of childhood health is a beautiful journey. You will find that in the energetic world, within each layer, you will even hear of people that were in your life at that time.

Each onion layer is a hologram of your ‘energetic state’ of your body and it will yearn to be healed. Face your fears and be gentle with yourself. It is said to take one month for every year you have been sick to reverse the illness. This is done using qualified ‘natural’ medicine and energetic therapy.

It is best to ask for professional help in your ‘un-layering’.  A classical homeopath will help you identify the layer you are presently feeling and all your physical and emotional symptoms. The homeopath will attempt to match the total frequency of the hologram layer with a remedy. It is like singing at the right pitch and the glass breaks.

The question to ask from any therapy is: ‘Did I just put on a new layer of symptoms or are these symptoms I have had before?’ If they are older symptoms, rejoice! You must be feeling better. Please keep going!

Caroline S. Walrad, PhD is not a medical doctor. Her PhD is in Classical Homeopathic Philosophy. Caroline Walrad, PhD does not diagnose disease nor takes the place of your medical doctor. At no time does this web site suggest you remove yourself from your medical prescriptions. In case of an emergency, please call your emergency centers or AMA physician. Her only goal is for the individual to ask questions about their healt