By Caroline S Walrad, Ph.D., CH

Living Crystals is part of the Norman Allan, Ph.D. article, Beyond Substance, on his website. Bones are crystals. Piezoelectricity is achieved when crystal has been mechanically distorted to receive an electrical response. It was the Curie brothers who discovered this fact. In bending a crystal, it will bend the whole crystal matrix of precisely positioned atoms. Electricity is then generated, and this is piezoelectricity, according to Allan. What does piezoelectricity have to do with Living Crystals and our bones? Perhaps our bones transmute many forms of electromagnetic frequencies as well.

Writes Dr. Allan:

‘Crystals react to and absorb and translate mechanical forces and electromagnetic fields (EM) and radiation. EM suggests the electrical charge and ‘to its shadow, magnetism.’ EM also encompasses photon (light of the atom), other light, radio signals, (UV) ultraviolet radiation and (IR) infrared wavelengths. These mentioned forms of energy will be considered the fields of electromagnetism.

Crystals are substances that show an essential rhythmicity, periodicity, repetition of pattern and not surprisingly, much of their behavior is periodic (rhythmic and quantal), and it is with crystals that we find coherent behavior (i.e. crystals are used in the production of coherent radiation in lasers). When events happen to crystals they radiate, resonate and generate EM fields.’

Bone is a crystal of many crystals. Bone is 60% mineral. 70% of this mineral of bone is crystal. Bone is 40% organic matter which is then mostly collagen. The collagen acts as a ‘paracrystalline liquid’. The little crystal flakes of bone are arranged in a matrix. It looks like the overlapping and locking bricks which are tightly bound by collagen. Collagen is a fibrous protein.

Dr. Allan continues to say we should expect crystal structures such as bone to display electromagnetic phenomena. The apatite chips of bone are arranged just ‘so’ as to create the piezoelectric effect. Electricity is generated by the crystals of bone. And, when we move we change the weight on our bones we create the piezoelectric energy like currents.

When a crystal is moved through a magnetic field, magnetic changes will be seen in mechanical and electric results. Does bone create our body’s vibratory field? Quartz crystal of the earth helps to transmute electrical information as do other earth crystals. Yet, the hand of the human body, writes Allan, can do the same as well. Therapeutic touch is now not surprisingly effective as the bones of the hand transmit energy. If you put both of your hands facing each other and start by keeping them at shoulder length apart, at one point when your hands get much closer together, you will feel the magnetic energy between them. And, our bones being a conductor of energy may be of importance when our bodies are in many other types of magnetic fields.