by Caroline Walrad, Ph.D.

How stretchy our immune systems are can illustrate how ‘healthy’ we are. Illness seems to reach all of us. Having symptoms of colds, flu, coughs, and fever are common for us. We live in a world of organisms, most beneficial within our bodies, and sometimes we ‘catch’ someone’s symptoms and our bodies respond with symptoms.

Praise the short-lived fever. I remember when seeing clients in Los Angeles, a number of them were members of a breast feeding organization. They would come to the office, knowing it was fine breast feeding in front of me, and did with their 6 month old, two-year-old and five-year-old. It was common for them to breastfeed until five or six years of age. Each child would take their turn. Interestingly enough, the children were remarkably healthy. Yes, they would have fevers, and most would spike for an hour or two, and then the fever would subside. This is usually the body’s way of responding to the bacteria or virus (pathogen). This most often is a healthy response.

Early on, not understanding the 72-hour rule, I would rush my kids to the doctor with every small fever or cough. I was fearful for them and trusted the medicines would be a gift for their health. What if their ailments developed into a deadly disease?

After beginning the educational journey into ‘healthy’ health, it became very apparent that a responding immune system will approach and build a defense to an overgrowth of unwanted organisms. The immune response takes about 72 hours in a healthy system. The breast fed mentioned children only needed an hour or two to return to normal. Fever over and done and out to play.

My teenage children began to understand and experience their three-day rule. In normal circumstances, if they waited 72 hours and were not better, I would then take them to any medical doctor of their choice. (Make sure you know the limits to a ‘high’ fever and when to go to the emergency room) Most of the time, their symptoms improved on their own and no more medical attention was needed. My children say they practice this rule to this day and it works for them. In fact, they now watch their diets and understand how to ward off a fever with Ferrum Phos tissue salt and other natural products.

There are many natural resources which will make our ‘rubber bands’ of response to unwanted organisms more elastic and responsive. The internet is full of natural health information, videos and classes. In the meantime, eat organically well, exercise to your ability, drink that precious filtered water. Take a deep breath when you feel tired and run down by resting for a few hours. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables, drink lots of fresh water and let your body produce that short mild fever or other mild response.

How elastic our rubber band is and how it returns to normal is a gift we develop for ourselves.

Caroline S Walrad, PhD is not a medical doctor. Her PhD is in Homeopathic Philosophy. Caroline Walrad, PhD does not diagnose disease nor takes the place of your medical doctor. At no time does this web site suggest you remove yourself from your medical prescriptions. In case of an emergency, please call your emergency centers or AMA physician. Her only goal is for the individual to ask questions about health.